Who is Happy launches a second version with encrypted chat

jully 2019

The Who is Happy app, pioneering social network focused on cannabis consumers, has announced the release of its second version, created to allow for the connection and exchange of experiences and information between cannabis users around the globe. Based on geolocation and encrypted chat, the platform has already been downloaded by over 350 thousand users, being listed as one of the top 30 most downloaded apps in the App Store Brazil. Apart from showing on a map the places where cannabis consumers are “checking-in”, Who is Happy locates services and stores related to the cannabis culture. It also monitors statistics of cannabis consumption in the countries, apart from all that, allows users to create connections and communicate through the application.


App users can share their location of cannabis consumption in an anonymous or public. Moreover, it is possible to find other users and visualize their profiles on the map, as well as locate dispensaries and other commercial establishments related to cannabis. Finally, users have access to their own consumption data - a feature similar to a “cannabist journal”.


The company, which was founded in 2016, is based in the US and was idealized by a Brazilian advertising professional whose name is Paulo Costa. After being launched the app joined the acceleration process of CanopyBoulder, focused on cannabis related startups, in Colorado. 


Apart from the USD 30,000 seed-investment received from the accelerator, the company hasn’t yet raised another round of investment. The team has bootstrapped the startup over the course of the past couple of years, with further developments financed by revenues from other ventures of the founder and CEO, as well as the dedication from developers and other staff, who have been working both at the startup and other gigs to keep the boat afloat - and the dream alive.


Who is Happy


The app is simple: by clicking on a button the user indicates that he or she is “happy” - in other words, that one has somehow consumed cannabis. This signal will create a green smoke, and this action can be performed anonymously or with the profile being accessible to other users. 




  • Information and experiences exchange with users all over the world through an encrypted chat;

  • Locate dispensaries, head shops, specialized physicians and other cannabis-related commercial establishments;

  • Discover the happiness hubs all over the world and share your cannabis consumption by sending a green smoke signal, both publicly or anonymously;

  • Have access to your own cannabis consumption statistics.

iOS → https://apple.co/2KDvhc0

Android → https://bit.ly/31SuzwC

Promotional images: https://bit.ly/2RRTfkl​

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whoishappy

Twitter: @whoishappyapp

Instagram: @who_is_happy