First brazilian app is among startups accelerated by CanopyBoulder

This is an article written by Ganja Talks about Who is Happy and CanopyBoulder.

Cannabis industry has shown to the world that its thriving ability has no limits. With the fastest industry growth pace since the internet boom, cannabis companies summed up for 6.2 billion dollars in revenue across the states in the US where the plant is legal. 34% more than its profits in 2015. Moreover, the industry’s growth expectation is up to 14 billion dollars by 2021. With a growing number of states decriminalizing and regulating cannabis business, both medical and recreational uses tend to spread countrywide, even though the plant remains illegal in federal level.

In this favorable scenario, one of the most remarkable companies in the cannabusiness, CanopyBoulder, is helping newcomers to set foot on the market by giving a three-month entrepreneurship program and financial investment. One of the companies to take part in the process comes from Brazil, by the name of Who is Happy.

Who is Happy is a geolocated social network in which cannabis users can reach other users, connecting cannabis consumers to exchange information, share feelings, find useful information about consumption and locate cannabis business establishments around the world. Developed by Brazilian ganjapreneur João Paulo Costa and creative director Henrique Torelli, the company was selected by CanopyBoulder for an internship period at Canopy and received an investment of $30k.

The startup is the first one from Brazil to be recognized and to be included in an acceleration process outside of the country. Costa says that “the app is similar to Foursquare, but for cannabis enthusiasts. It is a great way to socialize cannabis in many forms and to bring down the stigma around the community”.

The first phase of Who is Happy was rolled out in January of 2015 for the Brazilian market, calling so much attention that the capacity of the server was not able to support. The app in the first days became one of the Top 30 app in the App Store Brazil near Tinder, Gmail and much more, after fixing the server, the app was launched globally in April 20th, having coverage of Reuters, The Techcrunch, The Next Web, NBC and much more. Since then, the app is growing on a constant level and has already reached 200k users among several countries and has yet to launch a news channel in which the users can easily access cannabis news and information.

For the next months Costa intends to spread the app throughout Latin America, the US and even to Europe. “We have a solid number of users in Brazil but our main goal at the moment is to spread to other markets, such as South America and Spain” says the CEO and co-founder.

If you want to share your happiness as well, you can download it online, the app is available for Android and iOs systems.

by Ganja Talks