Meet Cannabis Big Data, where technology meets cannabis

Within the information technology area, the term 'Big data' reffers to the whole network of information about specific business activities and network. With the ever-changing scenario that internet and modern technology provide to entrepreneurs, it is wise to keep data in order to develop good business actions and to create management strategies as well as avoiding wrong moves on the market.

Like other business areas, the cannabis industry is growing and thus, providing new data and information on a daily basis, that will take a great role further on in the companies' development and, in a certain manner, shape the way business are made.

Looking to supply this data business demand on the cannabis industry, ganjapreneur Henry Finkelstein founded Cannabis Big Data, which according to him "integrate your data sources like POS and Accounting then publish critical business management reports to identify areas where you can save on costs or earn more revenue."

We got in touch with Finkelstein to have a word or two about cannabis, its industry and the importance of technology for its growth. According to the ganjapreneur, "As the industry matures, and margins decrease for businesses touching the plant, cannabis businesses will have to improve bottom line by increasing efficiency with technology. The amount of technology that businesses use to manage their business is going to increase dramatically in the next 5 to 10 years"

Also, he says that "Cannabis Big Data is building the data backbone of the cannabis industry. We are going to continue to grow and expand in the United States and then internationally."

About the industry's growth, he shows an optmistic view: "I believe there is a lot of opportunity for cannabis businesses, regardless of whether or not they touch the plant. The industry is growing very quickly, and there is a lot of room for opportunity in all areas of the market.

Seems like technology is to play a major role in the development of the industry, whether in the growing, product manufactory or data analysis, it comes in touch with all aspects of the canabusiness. For more info about Cannabis Big Data, check out


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