Strains of the Week – Let´s Giggle!

Commonly known for elevating the mood and giving giggles out of literally nothing, cannabis is a complex plant that depends on many factors to produce the effects that make this plant so unique. Each strain has, as its first characteristic, the singularity - but it does not stop it from sharing genetic with its sisters and, in this way, presenting traits that have become icons of the species. The fact is that for every purpose there's a strain. And for those looking for a good laugh, there are many options – Below, we listed three of them:

Laughing Buddha

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The name (that stands for itself) announces a sativa that promises an effect, at least, comic. A strain that is known to help fighting stress and bring a smile to the day can offer, among its main effects, the feeling of lightness, joy, creativity, energy and, of course, good laughs.


Photo: Wikileaf

Although its origin is not completely unraveled, this hybrid high in THC guarantees high doses of laughter. It stands out for its unique flavor and the high energy effect it causes, besides the sensation of heavy body, which is also characteristic of the strain.

Sour Diesel

Photo: Wikileaf

Considered the 3rd greatest strains of all times by High Times, the sativa Sour Diesel goes beyond its characteristic aroma, offering energy, a sense of relaxation and joy. Therapeutically, it can be an allied in the fight against stress and depression.

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