Gadgets propose new cannabis experiences

The use of cannabis is constantly evolving. With the development of the green market, there are new ways to consume the plant - while edible and concentrated products gain appreciators in every corner, companies develop gadgets that allow the experience with cannabis to be always memorable.

Check out some gadgets available on the market that help revolutionize the way marijuana is used:

Ice Pipe

The product of The Frost Pipe is a mold that is filled with water - or juice - and taken to the freezer to form an icy pipe. The coolest thing about this idea is that you are involved in the process of creating your own pipe! The product is available at Amazon for $ 25.

420 Keyring

This Swedish model looks like a small keyring, but it's also a pipe made of silver and brass with pockets of air that keep the consumer from burning his mouth, and with a mechanism that makes cleaning practical and easy - as well as being a storehouse free of odors. The Piece Pipe can be found at Grasscity Online Head Shop for $ 31.99.

MagicalButter Machine

This gadget simplifies the decarboxylation process of turning cannabis into an edible ingredient that makes you happy. The delicate technique gives way to an electronic process, in which you simply put the ingredients (the herb and butter or oil), click a button and wait eight hours for the gadget to do the magic. It is available for purchase on the brand's website.


A multipurpose vaporizer, which can be used to consume both the plant and its extracts. The third version of the PAX vaporizer is considered the "iPhone of the vaps". Portable and versatile, this gadget reaches the temperature three times faster than its predecessor, in just 22 seconds - plus having a battery that lasts twice as long. It costs $ 199 on the brand site.

Images: The Frost Pipe, Weed Gadgets, MagicalButter and PAX Labs.

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