DIY: homemade bongs, pipes and joints

As more and more head shops pop up, simple, homemade smoke-free ideas are also options for those who adhere to the DIY hype . Innovation has no limits when the issue is to find a better way to have a cannabic experience. The bid is taken so seriously that the creative rolling art already has its idols, such as the brilliant Tony Greenhand, considered the master at creating the arts of smoking:

But to make the story closer to the reality of mere mortals in the craft, Herb has produced a video that shows some ways to create bongs and pipes with everyday objects that everyone has at home, such as an apple. Look that:

References are not lacking for those who want to perfect themselves in the art of creating bongs, pipes and handmade joints. In this Leafly article, you can even read tips to make your homemade creation even cooler.

Image: Leafly.

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